Who won prizes at the 2009 NC Meet in Raleigh.


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A big thank you to the sponsors who provided not only the following items for the Meet, but also the variety of caps, koozies, stickers, flag magnets, banners, hitch pins, and a whole host of stuff that people brought to dicker and deal away.

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Lund Interceptor Firewalker

PRG Traction Bars Firewalker

Superchips Flashpaq TriadPC

Oil Catch Can ZN1300

LED Brake Light Black08se

Helper Springs Firewalker

Adams Polish Kit Rubocop

Adams Gift Certificates Firewalker

Adams Gift Certificates Dragonfly777

Adams Gift Certificates Jager2704

Adams Gift Certificates Jim2473

Adams Gift Certificates ZN1300

Sundown Amp Bbomar

Step Rails Contender07

Bed Rails DJetch

Bed Divider Firewalker

Fog Lights Djetch

Fog Lights Firewalker

Fog Lights Jim2473

Tail lights Redneckpapa

Dual Rear Box Djetch

Under seat front sub/amp Blavis

Under seat front sub/amp Steeleyedone

Stillen Gift Certificate Rubocop

Stillen Gift Certificate ZN1300

Frozen Rotors Deadriver

Frozen Rotors Jim2473

Shock Warehouse Gift Certificate Layer1