Who is still driving their original Titan?


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I still drive my '05 and like you, (knock on wood) no major issues other than some hose replacements, belt, oil and brakes. Love my truck! I actually have the SE and looks just like yours but I got rid of the tow mirrors since some dick thought he'd take it upon himself to knock the drivers side off. I replaced them both with the chrome smaller ones since I really don't do any wide towing anyway.


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Bought mine new in June 2007. She has about 86k miles and I plan to keep her for a while. No major issues other than the paint fading and crappy rotors that keep warping.


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Y'all don't go very far!! LOL!! I have a 2009 Titan crew cab, 12/08; upgraded from a 2000 Frontier crew cab, 7/99. I wish I would have kept the frontier too. My Titan has about 150k miles. I've driven it to Vegas n back n all over Texas. Absolutely love it. No major issues. I think I have a clogged line on the ac though. It's leaking inside the cabin. At least I hope it's that simple.