Where is everybody?????


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Still here, guys! Just haven't had much to post about for quite awhile. The Titan is still going strong. I've got a little rust on the underside of my driver's side rear panel that needs fixing, one of these days I'll get around to it.


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Holy Crap! Better late than never, I guess!


I would love to know the circuitous route that cd took to get to you, being that I sent that thing so long ago - I can't even remember, but I think it was late last year after I got the run.


Now if you can just get me some Hungarian gigs, that would be super :smt082
You sent the Cd to my old adress . :smt075

Fortunetly Hungarian postoffice is very slow.


But good stuff, thanks again.  :smt080


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Still here. For now anyways might find out I need a Truetrac and then I might disapear to hide from the bankers.  hahaha


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Been a while since I visited, but I still haven't traded the Frontier for a Titan.  Here is the ole' 2006 NISMO Frontier as she sits now at 102,000 miles.



The Murano in the background was replaced with this 2013 PRO4X Xterra.



So, with my daughter's Xterra, the outside of the garage looks like this. And the Jeep and 63 Patrol are still inside. Good thing I don't have Jay Leno's money and garage space.




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That's a hell of a Nissan lineup Mdawg! I like that old Jeep too. And yeah, if only to have Leno's money & garage. Actually, I'd just like to have his cars and garage :)