Whats up?

No sir. It was a casualty of war...I mean marriage.

Long story that ended in me being single and happy.

I now have a house for sale in Killeen Texas.

Right now, Im in Belize. Ive been here since February and will be here for a year total on an assignment.

Its been interesting.

SInce I've been here, Ive done most everything there is to do.

I could be a tour guide now.

If you were motivated enough, you could probably do everything there is to do in less than a week.

Mayan ruins, cave tubing, fishing, snorkeling, eating, drinking, dancing. Thats about it.

No automotive culture at all though.


Anyway, Ive been stopping by and checking to see if anyone has a definitive answer on the elusive "NEW TITAN" and when its coming out.


Oh, you know they quit making the Ford Ranger in the States but not here. The Rangers ehre are BAD ASS! Theyre big like Tacomas and they have 3.6l turbo diesels in them. They are very sexy machines.

The Chevy LUV is still made here too but it looks like a miniature SSR/El Camino type vehicle now.

All kinds of Nissans here that they dont ahve in the states too. But, they kinda suck. Ugly, slow non turbo diesels.

Anyway, I'm rambling...


Great to hear from you Ryan. I still keep up w much of the Titan crowd on FB especially the Texans. Friends w Steve, Todd et al for freaking 8 years now. I went to Houston a year ago after a life changing event. PM me brotha!



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Ryan, man good stuff seeing you back. Best case scenario they put a new T out late 2014 as early 2015 is the current rumor control.

Belize, ya. That won't suck. But a year? You might go native and forget how to drive anything but a golf cart. LOL.

Stay in tough and good luck with the sale of the house. Glad you found happiness, and deployment is always tough on marriage, no outside problems help that.

And yeah, we took a likin to Ole Kev. Good people once you get past his goofy addiction to costco and 50/50 burgers.


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Wow, a blast from the past. Good to hear you're still alive and driving in the median, even if the driving is a bicycle :smt082  You need to come back to the US and buy another Titan. And come by this board some, it's a skeleton crew around here lately...