what a weekend


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Well we were supossed to go camping this past weekend with scubby boy & his GF. Well most of you know that his GF has been in the hospital because of kidney stones that absesed & made her very sick. So Robyn & I decided we were going to go camping anyway. Well we managed to sneek out of work a little early friday & got hooked up & headed out. We were only going about an hour up I45 to a federal camp ground.

We got there with the new camper & got all set up. We finally went to bed about 10:00pm. Well after a couple of hours Robyn wakes me & tells me it not as cool in the camper as it should be. Well I got up & checked out what I could in the dark at midnight. Needless to say it was just blowing cool air. I couldnt really find anything wrong. We set up some fans & opend the windows & managed to make it thru the night.next morning I found a ladder at one of the camp hosts & got on top to see if maybe a wire had come loose to the compressor. I didnt find any thing wrong so I took the ladder back.

When I go back to the camper I asked Robyn if she wanted to stay & tuff it out or head home. BTW we had no cell phone reception so we couldnt call the dealer we bought the camper from 1 month before. So she decided to cut our losses & head home.

Well we decided it was early enough that we could go ahead & run the camper back to katy ( About an hour away). So as we are fumming mad driving home I have the bright idea( we still had the pop up) that we should pull out the popup camper load it up & head back to the camp site after I drop off the NEW camper back at the dealer. Robyn says ok.THe site was already payed for no refund so while not > Well while I am driving to the dealer Robyn is calling ahead warning them that I am headed there way & am not happy.

I got there & the receptionist quickly headed me to service. As I am waiting my turn, I see my sales man & try to get his attn. He sees me & heads the other direction So I will be addressing that with him at a later date. The service guy was very understanding & got me out of there as quick as possible. He said it should be back to us in a couple of weeks.

All this time Robyn is at home getting the popup loaded & ready to go back out.

As I am driving back I hook up with 2 other Titans & cruise about 75 to 80 around the belt way. I get back to the house in about 45 min. Hook onto the popup & load the rest of the stuff in the back of the truck & back on the road by 5:00PM. Needless to say it was a quicker trip back to the camp ground. So we had a 6 hour turn around from the time we left the camp site to the time we got back. The people that knew what had happened were coming over & laughing with us at our change in campers. A/C worked great in the popup. Now mind you the the popup is 21 years old & never had the A/C serviced be sides a cleaning of the coils here & there.

We got all set back up & got a beer & sat down by the campfire. As we are sitting and laughing at the curve ball God threw us. we see in the distance lightning.

We sit there another 30 min & the lightning is getting brighter. So we decide to tarp the side of the popup we are sleeping in & put up as much stuff as we could in the truck & under the bed cover. for as what has happen we knew we were to get wet.

We go back to the campfire that has burned out & revive it & sit there waiting on the next lighting strike to see how much closer it had gotten. Well needless to say we didnt see another strike nor did we get a drop of rain.

We got cleaned up & went to bed. Later that night we are looking for another blanket to cover up with because it is cold in the camper.

So we got up this morning & headed home. Well now that we have all the chairs & fans in the back of the truck & cant close the bed cover. It started raining on the way home.

It has been a heck of a weekend but we still had fun. We hope yall got a laugh out of our misadventures. We are ready to do it again in a few weeks.


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wow what a story.... sounds like what usually happens to us but you know you got to take the time you get so thats what we do regardless of the weather


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yea.. thats what counts the most... sometimes we dont even look at the news for the weather because rain or shine were going.