War Mongering on Iran


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Thought a certain Prairie Dog would like this:

Congressman Ron Paul says the neo-conservative "warmongering" on Iran sounds suspiciously like the talk leading up to the war in Iraq. He also says sanctions against Iran for their nuclear ambitions would not help to alleviate the situation.

You would think as costly and unproductive in both lives and dollars both Afghanistan and Iraq have turned out to be that most people would be reacting to a war with Iran or bombing Iran like Dracula would to Holy Water but sadly every time you turn around someone here is advocating war or preemptive military action on or against Iran or anyone they think might be "different".

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Sorry HK, but a Mushroom Cloud is the only "NEW" photos of that country I personally want to see. An no, I do not believe there are any "innocent Non-Faciast Muslims" in the world. If they were Innocent they would speak out and stop the crackhead freaks hyjacking their religion. [/quote]