University Nissan, Boone North Carolina


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I have to say, these guys were A-1.

Searched all over my area to find a vehicle with good prices. Most of the dealers with their cars on the Nissan website either had no prices or were way overpriced. University Nissan in Boone had good prices listed.

I called them to verify these vehicles and got the verification. So that weekend my wife and I took the drive out to see them. Nice people, no pressure. We drove several of them before I settled on a 2004 CC 4x4 SE, Big Tow, Preferred, etc. Had a trade and told them what I could do as far as price, payment, and my trade. They looked it over and said they'd have to work on it with several banks but they'd get on it. I told them, no problem call me at work if you come up with anything.

2 days later they had everything worked out. I took a day off of work at the end of that week and showed up. All paperwork was ready, truck was completely prepped, guy spent all the time going over everything. No tricks, no games. Left there an hour later with everything I needed. Total nice guys from the word go. I would go back there in an instant...