Turtle Ice


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I tried the Turtle Liquid Clay Bar and Ice Paste Wax on the Titan.

I park at work too close to a lime kiln and get a build up that the guys at work say normally needs vinegar to take off. I have never put vinegar on my truck and the paint was getting a film that looked dull. Plus. I drive 33 miles one way and the love bugs are in bloom.

The truck was left in the carport, and the passenger side was in the shade all day, the driver side in full afternoon sun.

The clay bar went on smooth and came off smooth. I normally make a mess with wax and had some on my black bumper cover, door handles, wiper cowl, and shark mouth since the first time I waxed my truck over a year ago. Despite repeated attempts with tooth brushes, soap and rubbing the wax never came off. I applied the clay bar to everything on the truck except the glass. I got some on the glass anyway...

The clay bar left a milky film when rinsed with water, but wiped off with a microfiber cloth extremely easy, even after being on the truck for over an hour. The over application on the glass wiped off with some rubbing and no harm done to the glass.

The door handles, bumper trim, mirrors, and the trim between the front and rear doors looked like they had just come out of the box, the painted areas were SLICK. The wax residue was gone, even in the crevices.

Some of the love bugs were too baked on to come off so I might try the Mother's clay bar next and see if they come off. Gunk bug remover didn't take the bugs off either.

The paste wax went on easily, and only needed a little rubbing on the sunlit side after being left on for an hour. The directions for the spray on detailer say to apply to the wax for easier clean up, but I did not need to do this. I waxed all the black and painted areas. The wax seemed to soak into the black trim areas and made them look better than back to black, which I had tried previously.

The water beaded up extremely well on the truck, painted area and black areas both beaded water. The latest batch of bugs has washed off easily, but I still have my past bug "trophies" to contend with.

All in all I am pleased with the results of the Ice Clay Bar and Paste Wax. The paint shines extremely well, and the black trim looks new. An added bonus is the ease of application and removal, which will tempt me to use it more often.

Also, in a pamphlet I read it stated Ice Wax protects against sunlight, which I hope will reduce fading in the long run.


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Keep us posted on how it holds up, I've heard good and bad about Ice and have considered trying it out myself. The biggest complaint I've heard is that the finish doesn't last.


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Thanks for the replies.

I hope it lasts a long time, especially with winter coming on.

I forgot to mention in the earlier post the headlights and taillights cleaned up as well as the black trim. I hope it protects against the uv rays as advertised. Might make the plastics last longer.