Truck Pull Champion Titan Pre Season


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Hey everyone! I Own and operate the worlds leader in truck pull Championships and overall wins! The Nissan Titan has been Kicking Tailgate and taking VINS for many years :)  


I am currently the ATPA 5 year Grand Champion. I also Pull in the VTPA and took both class Points Championships there! Lets just say the Nissan Titan is well known on the East coast and been a winner since day one!


I frequent other forums like TT and i operate VK Nation on facebook. I also have a website and a youtube channel! I have lots of knowledge on the titan and i also am looking for any help i can get! If anyone wants to help let me know and if anyone has questions please ask! 


            Walter Cheney



My name is Walter Cheney. I have been involved in the truck pull industry since I was a child and have taken the love for the sport and kept it alive in my family. I started building and pulling trucks when I was only 14. Thanks to my older brothers I had a lot of knowledge with trucks and how they worked. Over the years I built several successful pulling trucks and won several events.

  In 2004 my family purchased our first Nissan Titan and decided this pleasure vehicle may have what it takes to be a strong competitor in the truck pull industry. Well after we changed a few things and bolted on a few items we learned not only was it a good candidate is was a great platform to use!


  Since our first Titan we have purchased three other titans to use to pull over the past several years and now currently are still using the 2010 PRO 4 X platform with outstanding results! This truck has been in more pulls and won more titles since it was purchased new than any other Titan in the world! We have had several organizations look into truck pulls from around the country and even world with no other Nissan Titan holding the titles or with wins like this truck has anywhere!


  We are currently the Adirondack tractor pullers association ( ATPA ) Grand Champion.  Holding the points championship title for five consecutive years in the street stock 5500 pound class! We also added a overall points championship win in their 6500 pound class! We decided to venture out of state into Vermont to pull in their series ; Vermont tractor pullers association ( VTPA ) to see how we could perform in their heavier classes and with their different rules. Our first try in this series we took first in the 5800 and 6800 pound class in the points championship! This has given us the courage to pursue other venues and attend even more events within the truck pull industry. Heavier classes and farther travel times are in our future.


   We are members of many forums and post our results and sponsors on these. We also have a website I have a group page on Face book  and My own Youtube channel so you can view many of our pulls in HD! I also am the Admin for VK NATION on Facebook.   Anything you may have to offer from parts to funding will help us keep this Nissan Titan in the winner’s circle and help continue our family tradition! I will list some current full sponsors for reference. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and thank you for your time.

   These are a few of our supporters! 


Garrand’s Nissan   1-518-561-1210

Cajun B Pipes    1-318-347-6157

R1Concepts       1-888-712-6623

Tap Auto Parts   1-702-979-1577

Rouse Tire Company  1-802-651-0841

 Odyssey batteries  1-800-538-3627

Level Ten Transmission  1-973-827-1000

JBA EXHAUST  1-909-599-5955

Bora wheel spacers 1-775-351-1000