Transmission problems?? Need help.


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Have a problem with the transmission. I was driving down the road and it went out. But there was no signs. Trans temp stayed normal, no noise or rattling, nothing pulled over and trans fluid was all over the underside of the truck. But it was from the front of the truck I checked the transmission cooling hose it seems to be fine. Any help would be great. It's a 2008 titan le.


Did you check all the hoses though. There are hoses at the bottom of the radiator on both sides also there are 2 additional hoses on the passenger side of the radiator behind the grill. What you describe happening sounds very familiar. I check for oil drops and hose fatigue every oil change. Also, if you haven't done so....... change out all the crappy oem hose clamp to screw type hose clamps. I hope you tyranny didn't suffer major damage.