TitanSpot now supports Tapatalk on mobile devices


Just a minor update.  Titanspot now supports Tapatalk on ios and Android devices, etc.  The Tapatalk app costs $2.99 (Tapatalk 2 is $3.99) and will let you connect to many of the forums you probably already use.  Please note, none of that money goes to TitanSpot.  Honestly, I'd love to do a dedicated app, but the costs are prohibitive.   The $2.99 goes to Tapatalk for their mobile app.  As always, the mobile skin is still available (for free) and you can still use that if you're more comfortable.  


If you frequent several forums, the Tapatalk app is very nice and will let you access any of them that have it enabled from the same app.  All normal forum functions are available including personal messages.


When loading up the mobile site now, you should get a pop-up alerting you to the ability to use Tapatalk.