The East Coast Titan Meet of 2012!


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Ok People,

We are starting work on the biggest and best meet of 2012.

It will be centrally located, I will say in North Carolina, but that is subject to change.

It will be in a good size city.

There will be multiple sponsors, give-a-ways and bling!

Now, it's up to you to tell us what you want from it.

Throw some thoughts out there, and we will work with everyone to make it the best meet of 2012!

We are going to make this a Family friendly event!

So if you have kids, bring them. We will also look for hotels that allow pets.

We will have games, food, places to visit.

We have a goal of 50 trucks!! or more!

Tell your friends!

We want everyone from the East coast to be there! We'll even allow some of those wrong coasters to come, if they want!

We want anyone who wants to drive, fly, walk, or even motorcycle in for the fun!

All are Welcome....Titans, Armadas, Frontiers


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“The East Coast Titan Meet of 2012” in Gatlinburg, TN on August 8th -12th, 2012."

Seems like the OP forgot to come back and make an update....never fear, he has been busy so I'll post it for him.