Tailgate Lock/unlock With Doors


Article title: Tailgate Lock/Unlock with doors

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Date added: Aug 21 2005, 05:19 PM

Article starter: BOONE-TITAN

Tailgate Lock actuator was a great project for me. I work in a secure complex and the guards always want to look in the back since I have a Lowpro cover. I keep the gate locked so until this mod I had to turn off the truck and go unlock with the key. I drilled a hole in the side of the gate (see photo) and ran the wire down and under the LH side of truck. I used a weather tight polarized plug so I can disconnect when removing gate. The tailgate is tied into the passenger door lock/unlock circuit. The wiring plan I made prior to starting. I was doing several mods at once so I needed to get it straight on paper before I started making up the wiring looms. I updated these when I was done to document for future reference. Bought the actuator at circuit city $20.00.

Follow on thread will have the rest of the pictures.