Sutherlin Nissan in Fort Myers Rips You Off


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I usually get my services done in Gainesville Nissan since I used to own a Nissan Sentra that I purchased from them. They won the 2005 Nissan Excellence award in both sales and service, and they are actually quite honest. I had my 60,000 mile service done in Gainesville at about 73,000 miles on my Titan...I know, so I'm a little late. I did my 30,000 at 42,000 assuming that the dealership had done one of their own at 17,000 when I bought the vehicle. Now, I just had my oil changed at Sutherlin Nissan this past 77,000 mark, and I explained to them that I just had this huge service on my Titan about a month ago. Well one hour later, I get this call from the service dept. at Sutherlin, and the guy's telling me that I need new transmission fluid, that my radiator fluid is dirty, and that I needed to have the spark plugs replaced. So I have to convince them not to go through with all this, and I mean convince him...since I've just had the 60,000 mile service a month ago, and that I can prove it to him since I keep all my service records in my vehicle in a folder. So after that conversation has been completed, I'm thinking I need to call my service agent in Gainesville to double I do. Well my service agent in Gainesville explained to me that the transmission fluid in all Titans do not need to be replaced until the 105,000 mark, and that the transmission fluid has all sorts of conditioners and cleaners in it (which means the price is about $20 a quart). In addition he explained that the spark plugs in the Titan are platinum tipped and can also be replaced at the 105,000 mark, but only if they are dirty and misfiring. Other than that, there is no reason to replace those items. So, he advised against replacing all these items at the time because they were unneeded, and that Sutherlin Nissan was just trying to get me to spend extra money on something that I didn't need. Oh yeah, one more thing that might help on the dealership deal...

Sutherlin Nissan: 30,000 mile check up: about $379.99

60,000 mile check up: about $799.99 (because they suggest changing the spark plugs at this time and transmisison fluid)

Gainesville Nissan: 30,000 mile check up: about $279.99

60,000 mile check up: about $279.99

105,000 mile check up: about $579.99 (that's when they replace the transmission fluid and spark plugs)

That's the difference between a good dealer and someone that tries to rip you off. I will probably never get anything done by the Fort Myers Nissan Dealership (Sutherlin) ever again (unless it's an emergency, and even then I don't trust them).