Stainless Steel brake line install


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Well, Turns out as I read, this wont fit a Titan with ABLS. The ABLS has 2 cylinders on the bottom of the Master Cylinder that wont allow room for the bracket. Non ABLS Titans only have one cylinder/sensors coming out of the bottom of the master cylinder.

Oh well, Got an offer from a guy going to pay what I paid for it. Nothing lost except some knuckle skin and time.
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Non ABLS Titans dont have part #5 only #6.


The guy I sold the MC brace too reported results. Stopping distance like 50' shorter. Firm peddle... He is happy.


Some post install follow up pics. Goin for the 08 big brake upgrade soon with frozen slotted 08 rotors, 08 calipers, hawk LTS pads, etc............. Prolly run me 1k.... Oh well, its my hobby.. On to the pics...

Goodridge SS brake lines. w/ PRG 4x2 Mini lift.

Full droop left turn:

Notice the banjo fitting has no locating tab like the oem banjo fitting:

Top fitting:

Full droop, right turn. I notice no binding, stretching, etc issues. Now to order the goods (brake upgrade). :)