Sputter, Loss of Power


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04 Titan 2wd, 160K Miles

Got 0420 and 0430, cats. Common issue from reading on Titan forums. I don't necessarily have a knocking or clicking, as if manifolds would be leaking if cracked. Don't have the money to repair that whole system. Reset these codes.

Started noticing the engine would be very rough when accellerating in passing gears or jerking. Also notice loss of power, pressing pedal down does not make RPM higher, feels like enging about to stall. Will clear itself out and run without any vibration for a minute or two. 

Ran Seafoam throught the brake booster line. Reset codes. It runs fine for a week or two.

Got a code for a misfire. Swapped ignition coil to the other side. Running fine.

Now, truck is still vibrating and jerking when below 2000 RPM, will not clear or run smooth unless it idles for a minute, then goes back to vibration and sputtering from the exhaust. Still have 0420 and 0430. Resetting brings codes back after a few minutes on the road.

ECU reset procedure will clear it out for a day then goes back to running poorly.

Plugs and wires (prob ign, coils as well) were replaced 4 years ago, not sure on the mileage. 

Have been reading about fuel pump. Filter is probably dirty, but seems labor intensive. Runs on low fuel sometimes, may be getting too hot?

What about the MAF? Fuel injectors? Neither has ever been serviced.

Anything I can test/clean at home?


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My Titan accelerate very high when parked but it accelerate very slow on the high way. What is the problem can anyone help me out ?


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You need to be a little more specific - does it rev and not go anywhere, or does it just act like it's not getting gas at all?