Shoutbox has been removed


The shoutbox that used to appear on the site has been removed.  Even when not in use, it ate up system resources by querying the database all the time.  It also wasn't very heavily used anymore.  Thirdly, the updates to keep up with the forum software had basically stopped so it wasn't really all that stable anymore.


Sorry for the removal of functionality, but since this is a forum, if you want to discuss something, just open a new thread.  That also has the added bonus of notifying people who subscribe to our twitter and facebook accounts of the fact that there is a new thread so they are more likely to come and check it out and comment.





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Yeah, it seemed to mostly sit there. We need to recruit some new members to this forum, too.
I never used the shout box.  A new, revised and updated Titan model introduction, not a warmed over 2004 Titan, will spawn a host of new members.