RIO Wins


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Well now that POTUS, FLOTUS and Oprah have blown thier collective wad of star power in a douchebag attempt to get the IOC to select the city with the highest crime rate to host the games. Can POTUS please go back to work in the job he was elected to?

Like fixing the econmy - not giving the Communist Chinese more ownership rights

Like fixing healthcare - not giving more government control over it as they have proven record of inability to do so.

Like taking more than 25 freaking minutes to TALK TO the Commander on the actual ground with a REAL TIME knowledge of what we need to be doing in A-Stahn and not this collection of dipsh*t politicians who know dick about military.

Like working towards an actual solution on welfare, government reform, reduction of federal spending, reduction of taxation WITHOUT representation.....

SOMTHING that Growing number of this nation are no longer approving of, his performance. He is now under 50% approval. Yup, single term only and already a lame duck..

Got a "Yes We can, Yes We Did" sticker on your car? Thanks for taking the blame. You are one of the few willing to admit it.


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and just to make the best effort he could,

"Obama had held out the enticing prospect of a Chicago games helping to reconnect the United States with the world after the presidency of George W. Bush. He told the IOC earlier Friday that the "full force of the White House" would be applied so "visitors from all around the world feel welcome and will come away with a sense of the incredible diversity of the American people."

Yes We Can 2010/2012


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I totally agree with you guys.

Since Obama got in office this country feels like a planing flying with no pilot, what a joke !!

I guess nothing gets done unless the world oks it first.....LMAO !!