Replace Transmission Valvebody With Another One


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I want to replace my transmission valvebody with a different one. The valvebody I am replacing is reprogrammed with a Transgo shiftkit.

The replacement valvebody has no shiftkit.

Do you think I'll have problems with the installation?


Problems that I foresee:

1.) The Transgo shiftkit has, in addition to it, a bushing which is installed into the transmission case. For that, I can just use a puller to remove it.

2.) The replacement valvebody may not be compatible because it may have a different VIN # associated with it. Both valvebodies, however, are for a 2004 Nissan Titan SE (mid 2004-2008 RE5R05A Transmission.)


a.) I've already done work with a Honda Odyssey, replacing a transmission there with a rebuilt one. No problem there. The van accepted it.

b.) I'm replacing the valvebody reprogrammed with the Transgo shiftkit to get a normal ride again. That valvebody works fine but I seldom race my truck.