Removing/modifying the front upper grille


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Has anyone removed there front upper grille? I just got my Dunder grille and was wondering how easy it was to take the upper grille out. The service manual says that it is just held in with clips but I am looking for confimation/tips.

I want to remove the burger mount because it sticks out a little bit when the grille is installed. Plus I might modify the whole eggcrate crap to eliminate as much of it as possible.


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I had mine off cuz I replaced my chrome with the painted one. It is very easy. It is just held on with clips. I think there are about ten of them. You can access all of them from the front with a flat blade screwdriver. You will see a square piece of plastic with a groove in it. Put the screwdriver into the groove and turn it about 45 degree's and lightly push it in. The grill will come off the clip then. The other two clips are near the headlights. You can't access them from the front so you have to get them with a pair of needle nose pliers from behind. Just squeeze the clip in a little bit while pulling outward on the grill. It should pop right off. Hope that helps. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/003.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smt017' />


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Okay. There are actually seven clips in total. Three on top and four on bottom or vice versa. I can't remember. Either way, they are easily identified by looking for what appears toe be a "square head" screw with a slotted tip. The top ones can be easily accessed with the hood open. The bottom ones may require you to rig some stuff together to access them because they sit pretty far back in the grill. Anyway, once you locate them, they simply require a 1/8 turn to allign them and allow them to pop free. You'll understand exactly what I'm talking about once you do it. Once the seven locations are free, the other two can be "broken" by simply pulling outward. They won't break...don't worry. Once you have it free, save yourself the hassle and remember this. Remove any of the seven clips that remained in the body of the truck and re-insert them into the grill. If you do this, your installation will take about 5 seconds...literally.