Reminders for the 2009 NC Meet in Raleigh


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Hey folks, my wife and are excited to meet both old friends and attach names to faces with the new ones. (honestly it only hurts a bit...)

A couple things I want to remind you as you come to the Meet.

1. Have fun. The event is for you.

2. At the park, the music needs to be low, the trucks engines need to be unrevved, and burnouts can't occur-that will all get us kicked out. There's a wide open straightaway on ramp as you get back on to US 1 North that is perfect for proving who can leave their mark in North Carolina.

3. Alcohol is prohibited, keep suspicious beverages concealed and/or in cups. The Rangers will at some point come on by to say hello and more times if they think something is up.

4. This is family-friendly with jungle gyms, trails, and plenty of space to goof off. I just learned corn hole- Let me know and I can bring my neighbors...

5. IF for any reason, you have consumed too much and would be unable to drive, please let me know and we'll make sure you get to the next event safely. We will provide you with a Dixie Cup just like in "Wayne's World"...:eyebrow:

6. It's sunny and 90 degrees. Sunscreen, a nice lounge chair, would be a good idea to bring. I'll have plenty of water and drinks. We'll have extra shade stands so the truck modifiers can work on trucks in relative shade.

Look forward to seeing you all!


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[quote name='WhiteNite' post='149504' date='Jun 18 2009, 09:31 AM']So upset we couldnt make this.........[/quote]

You've got good reasons-we'll catch you later.