receiver hitch lock (by Master Lock)


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So around august of last year I was in walmart and saw that they were selling a lock for your receiver hitch. Well I bought it because I have a pintle hitch for work and I did not want it to get stolen. and put it on and never had to use it until tonight when I was going to tow my boat away from the farm pond at my dads farm. Well I go to unlock my hitch pin and it does not work. I tried and tried I even tried some WD-40, PB Blaster, I tried it all but nothing worked. Now I always used the rubber lock cover to keep out the water, rock salt, dirt, sand and other crap that would get into the lock from the road to protect the lock. Well I got home and took the ole dewalt saw-zall to the hitch and cut it off. I tried the bolt cutters but they would not fit.

So I am warning anyone who thinks they might want to buy this lock to prevent their hitch from from being stolen DO NOT DO IT.



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Thanks for the heads up..........of course I don't need one up on the mountain with a locked gate. Seems like Master could refund your money?


I have 2 of those and no problems... I dont leave them on our trucks thought. However, the pin lock is similar on my boat and is rusted but still works ok.


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I have one, but it's only on when I'm towing.... I don't think I would leave it in "all the time"