Rear axle seal leak. Need help and part number, pleased


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Greetings. I just bought my '04 Titan LE a few weeks ago and almost immediately my driver's side rear started leaking. Had seal, bearing, and retainer replaced, lasted 2 weeks, then started again. I did the vent mod, and it had dramatically slowed it down. A large puff of air came out when I removed the vent, so I'm 90% sure the back pressure caused the blowout. Now I just have a tiny trickle. Praying hard that it's just residual. We are still recovering from the wife going back to school, so money is a little tight, as are many here, I'm sure. I'm about to buckle down, however, and just buy the entire shaft assembly with everything on it. Just don't want to keep spending $250 a pop.

1. Does anyone have a part number for the pre-assembled axle shaft?

2. How much did it cost you?

3. I have a Tru-Trac installed. Is the axle shaft different from that with the locking diff?

4. Has anyone had a problem after having the entire assembly swapped?

Thanks in advance! I really love this truck. My old Camry was crapping out, and I really wanted something to haul lumber and the family at the same time, and I got a decent deal on the truck. It's just driving me nuts with these little things.


I had tru Trac installed when my seals started leaking 70k miles ago. I remember residual oil. I hope that's the case for you. I say clean it and keep an eye on it.


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About to replace the 3rd axle seal on my 06 LE. I think I have always had an axle seal leak