PRG's (Greg and Jen) Son


I don't know if any of you follow PRG on Facebook, but Greg and Jen could really use some prayers for their son.

PRG Products 13 days ago our first child was born 6 weeks premature with a handful of esophogeal issues. He is not even 2 weeks old and today is his third surgery. He will be in the NICU for at least another 3 months, we will basically be raising him at the hospital for the first part of his life. He means the world to me and this results in less time for me to be desk-side answering phones and emails all day everyday as I normally do. Orders are shipping on time though. I only ask for a bit of patience during this time for return phone calls and slightly delayed emails.

June 9 at 11:42am

PRG Products Friday 18th June, we will not be on the office. A very rough morning with our son, we came very close to loosimg him. I will be backbin on Saturday. Parts are still on the same schedule. Cam bolts shipping tomorrow, a arms shipping Monday as well as Canadian orders. 2" frontier/ xterra spacers by Tuesday.

June 18

You can follow PRG and their facebook updates here: PRG Facebook Page


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Prayers sent! That breaks my heart man. Nothing rips my heart out and makes me angry with the world more than a little child being hurt/abused/pain/suffering. Prayers for the family and the little one.



This may be a long shot, but is there any of you out there who happen to be an attorney that can help us with an emergency drafting of a letter. We are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss taking our son home. We can get you all the details but we really have no idea where to even start in trying to do it ourselves. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact me directly at [email protected]


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i havent been following the whole story, just now heard about it... why cant they take their son home?


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Been following it on FB.. Prayers indeed.


I haven't heard the latest. What is the satus?