PRG sway bar end links


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wats the point in buying new end link? i still dont get it unless they shread like in the pic a few pics above. other than that, whats the point?

[/quote]Some people do it for looks, but if you have too much front lift from spacers/coilovers, the sway bars can turn forward and rub on the rims and tires. This happen to my Titan after flipping the top mounting hat on my DRE, (Icon), coilovers.

On mine, I had just got aftermarket rims with 4.5" backspacing so the rubbing only happened when turning sharply into a parking space, but I saw and old thread on TT where a guy shredded one of his stock rims and tire, when his bar turned due to too short of an end-link. I think he was using a 2.5" level kit on an older 4x4 Titan, where he should have been using a 2" kit.

Many people with aftermarket coilover, such as Icons, SAWs and Radflo, that have stiffer, aftermarket springs, take their sway bars off. But there is too much side to side for most using OEM coils, even when used with aftermarket struts, such as the Bilsteins. I'm liking the ride o.k. with my bar tied up, but am going to try the links, since I drive a lot of curvy roads.

And now many people use stock coil setups along with aftermarket UCA so they can lift more before hitting the coil buckets, (as they would with the stock UCA). Then use leveling spacers, pre-loading of coils, (like on the Bilstein 5100's), and even the longer coils from the newer 4x4 Titans, in various combinations. So they have broken the old height limitations but the end-link issue is something some of us have forgotten about or never knew about.

I think we will be seeing more issues with this because many lift and keep their stock rims with their more tucked in backspacing, so if the bar turns, more damage can occur than it did in my case.

Btw, Greg's stock end-links are adjustable for various heights, I believe he said up to 5". In the pics Kev posted you can see a few threads at the top of his links, to compensate for some lift.


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ok, so it doesn't affect the lowering world... thats good to know. :D


i would get some if i was you mine are fried from being dropped and from being droped my mount on my A-Arm broke so i cut the rest off and welded a .25" angle Von made for me on there. and ordered the end links today!

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I am currently experiencing the rim touching effect at U-turns. I have replaced the stock end links twice now with no results. Once installed, it goes bad when I go off road. I want to believe the lift is the root cause. Pls how may I get the PRG end links. Thanks. Segun from Nigeria