Prayer needed for my neighbors


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I just found out my neighbor has stage 4 cancer. She had breast cancer that they thought was gone and the doctor wasn't looking for the correct things. It came back and metastasized and is now in her liver. Laura is a school teacher and is retiring. Her husband, Forest, of 41 years is retired. Their children are grown and are local so that is a plus. Laura told me she has been doing very well with her treatments. She told me the only thing that is really working for her is prayer. Her doctor has told her that her attitude has moved the dates out and are at 1yr or more now up from within 6 months. Just for example she is wearing a neat green wig that reminded me of the stringy balls that flop around.

I told her I would place a request here and she seemed surprised and very grateful.

Please add Laura and Forest to your prayers.