Prayer for a friends son


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I have a very good friend that is being tested beyond belief. Not only has work taken its toll with the economy, his wife has many medical issue, as if that were not enough his son now has medical issues.

His son has been having back pains so they took him to the doctor. He has a curve in his back. They told my friend his sone has a spinal bone disease. They said they may have to do surgery on him and that at the least his son will be in a half body brace for a while.

So please not only pray for my friends son but also my friend and his family, that whatever the test is may it be over soon and they be protected....



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Done! My cousin had scoliosis, curvature of the spine. She had to wear a back brace, but has since grown out of it. I had a mild case through my teen years, but never had to wear a brace. I went to the bone specialist that worked with the local university athletes. He said I would grow out of mine. I haven't had near as many pinched nerve issues in my back as I did when I was younger.

Keep us posted.