Post your towing pics!


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mostly largemouth..if you run north 70 miles or so you can catch some spots......but i did make a trip up to pickwick lake on the tennessee line last week and caught my first smallmout

.it was was a little over 800 miles round trip and the titan didnt even breath hard


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This is when I only had about 800 miles on the truck. Does not quite look like that now (up to 3400 miles now).

Here is just the Titan as it is now;



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[quote name='ss350z' date='05 November 2009 - 06:32 PM' timestamp='1257467540' post='154376']

Thats a good looking truck, maybe its time for me to upgrade. Cap looks great too.


That cap is a Craigslist find, and ended up costing about 1/2 retail when all was said and done. I got it in Ohio (I live in Missouri) and it originally was White. I had a thought about a Panda Bear/Police Car motif, but my Jeep Club pals thru mud on that idea. I am really satisfied with the paint job on it.

Aside from pulling the Badges, here are my only mods, so far...

I figure the Red Engine Cover is worth a few ponies, eh?

Pulling the badges was easier than I thought, once I figured it out.

I used a heat gun and dental floss to get the badges off the sticky pads, which left the entire sticky pad behind. Let that cool and it (mostly) peeled off in 1 piece. A little, 3M Adhesive Cleaner, white rubbing compound and then some polish... Each letter has it's own pad, and on mine, the backside of the letters was ridged, so once I got the floss behind it, but on top of the sticky pad, it came off rather easy. Let it cool down (something I found when I took a lunch break) before you attack the sticky pads and it is easier to get the pads off.


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I saw this the other night when I was flying through new posts, but didn't stop to reply.

I love the black Pro4X. I am just glad you are the one keeping it clean! The only thing keeping me in my Frontier and not in a Pro4X is my love for the skinny pedal, and the T's thirst when using the skinny pedal.

Love the Jeep as well. I wouldn't get rid of my Jeep for anything. I have had it since March 1998 and all 106,000+ miles are mine!
Greetings, I'd like to add some air bags to my Titan to have a more level tow. My trailer when fully loaded is around 9000lb and she is "shaky" going down the road.....any recommendations on the type or manufactuer of the best air bags for an 08.5 Titan. Note - I decided to join this group because of the valuable information I found about my leaking transaxle. Awesome site. Thanks.