Overhead monitor with DVD player


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Sorry, I have no audio/video experience, but is that a 10" screen? That price doesn't sound bad for 10", but then again, I really don't know.


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Yes it is a 10.4" if that extra .4" makes any difference. I posted this here and on the other one for rapid responses. The only one I have gotten so far is a "you get what you pay for" type. I am sure that is true, but then so is paying too much just for a name. I wish I could find a dealer in town to see this thing in action before I part with my pesos. This would be an excellent replacement for the stuff that got stolen this weekend from the motorhome.


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Stay away from, it is a PYLE. Poor quality, I have sold a few of them, but had to take them out, customers not happy, now I use Panasonics 9" flip(RFB). Never had any problems with it. great picture quality and comes with 2 sets of headphones. and just about the same price.