Northern Calif. Meet Nov 15th At Prairie City


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Prairie City SVRA 11 a.m. on Saturday Nov 15th, (after it cools off, and hopefully we get some rain). Street truck access to the picnic area and a separate Quad and MX area. State Park, so drinking will need to happen later at Yagers or Streets of London, in Folsom.

The 4x4 area features a dirt track and many hill climbing opportunities. Pretty much brush free so your paint should stay pin-stripe free.

If someone is into cooking or organizing the food that would be cool ... or each family could bring there own food, charcoal, TOGO's etc. ... they do have several grills available. There are also tons of restaurants and fast-food places in Folsom, about 10 minutes away.

Make a left turn just after the pay booth and head to the staging area.