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I used to be an audio guy. I had 18 speakers in a Tacoma pickup. Now, I usually leave the radio off...


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[quote name='Squid']I guess we have no Audio guys here yet?[/quote]

Actually, I've been kicking around the idea of adding a little more bass to the system - seems a little weak on the low end. I'm no big-time audiophile but I like to hear good sound when I'm listening..


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I thought the video with the Titan in it was interesting....especially since they were talking about the RF system in the Titan, but I think that was just the 6 disc changer? I didn't see the 'RF' logo on the stereo anywhere?

As far as sound quality goes, I miss my mid level Pioneer head unit that was in my Grand Prix. That thing played any CD, and MP3 with almost no quality problems.

I've found that the Titan doesn't seem to like my 'burned' CDs made on the computer unless the music was copied to the computer in high quality (greater than 192k seems to work nicely).

I also really miss the mp3 CD function. Waiting for my changer to switch discs seems to take _forever_ when I want to listen to something else.

I am glad based on what I've read that I didn't go with the RF system.

If I could figure out a way to unload to two RF punch subs that I have from the Grand Prix, the Titan would be getting one of those fancy new pioneer shallow 12" subs, and the Infiniti speakers I've got somewhere around here.

Unfortunately for me, I need to get my bed cover first, which means stereo money probably won't come around until next year since it looks like I'll want to do total replacement (stupid 2 ohm speakers).