Misery's Sick burnout mod

OK if you look up under your dash and look at the back of the brake pedal you will notice two plugs connected to it.

You will need to concentrate on the bottom one.

There are two wires on this bottom plug. Four wires for the column shifters.

The red wire with white stripe is the wire that talks to the ECU. It tells the ECU that you are hitting the brakes and disables the Throttle 90%.

That's why if you have ever tried to do a brake-stand, your Titan lugs down and barely spins a wheel. This used to upset me SO much.

Well, Miserytom figured out the mod.

If you just want to test the mod out before you start cutting wires, you can just unplug the bottom plug.

If you just unplug it you have to put the truck in NEUTRAL first and put the PARKING BRAKE on. The reason being is that the second wire controls the Park lock on the shifter and you wont be able to get it out of park with it unplugged. Also the other wire controls the brake lights so just unplugging it will kill your brake lights.

But just for test, unplug it and let off your parking brake and put it in drive.

Mash the brake and stomp on the gas and let her rip!!

I bet you a dollar if you don't let off the gas, you will eventually blow your tire......or catch it on fire.

OK if you want to do the mod, you can cut the red/white wire and put any old on/off switch and mount it where ever you want.

Misery did his this way:::

OK, here we go lol

disconnect and remove battery.

remove battery tray (4 bolts)

pull out bottom ECM plug

cut open harness and find red wire with white stripe.

mount any type on on/off switch in cab (where ever you want the switch)

run wires from switch through firewall and into engine bay(near fuse box)

cut the red/White wire, and connect the ECM end of the red/White wire to the acc. side of the switch and the other end of the red/White wire to the supply side of the switch, tape 'em up and re-assemble everything in the reverse order, your done.

for normal driving operation --- switch in "on" position

for burnout mode --- switch in "off" position

happy tire killin
I'm not sure why he prefers this way but I'm sure he has a reason.

Another thing about the ECU wire is that when you are normal driving, you should leave switch on because it also serves as a safety measure in case you somehow have a wide open throttle and your truck is about to run itself into a brick wall, it will choke the motor when you slam on the break.


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Does Misery do burn out with the size rubber he has on his Titan? I'd like to see that thing roasting those BFG's that would be cool.
Thats the thing. The titan has so much power you could put 44" mudchunkers on it and smoke them into slicks with this mod.

I was always so upset that my truck could barely spin the tires trying to do a brakestand.

Not anymore!

But Ive only done it once ........ok 3 times but I cant do it anymore because I have to save some rubber for the track Friday.


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[quote name='drivinginthemedian']I'm not sure why he prefers this way but I'm sure he has a reason.[/quote]

Nice! I may just have to do this. You know, in case of emergency's.......... Like when someone esle does it and I have to show them up! lol

Oh, and I'm sure the reason he did it in the engine bay was to make the connection less "dealer noticeable" <img src='http://www.titanspot.com/Titan/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/002.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smt005' />


Misery, it's not the way you're posting it that's causing a problem. It's an AVI video that needs some specific codec that I...and others aparrently....can't seem to find. I managed to download the avi from putfile but still can't play it. I'm still looking for the correct codec. If I find it, I'll try to convert it to an MPEg and upload it here. Everyone should be able to view that no problem.


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lol thanks wedge, i downloaded a converter so i got er done lmao, you can go ahead and delte this thread and ill re-post a new one with the new link, thanks again


[quote name='Misery-Tom']lol thanks wedge, i downloaded a converter so i got er done lmao, you can go ahead and delte this thread and ill re-post a new one with the new link, thanks again[/quote]

That is what I did as well. I found the codec my system needed and then converted it. You already had the codec so you didn't experience the problem. Aparrently, there was a logitech quickcam involved somewhere! The video I linked definitely works. I will link it from your post above and delete your other thread as there is conversation in this one I don't want to delete.


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i did a nice burnout the other day in front of a hemi, the guys eyes lit up like he just saw a big pair of boobies! lol, then he tried to do one as well, and the truck fell flat on its face, then wouldnt even look at me again lmao