Manifolds denied emission warranty to be reimbursed


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I just opened a notice from Nissan stating that those with cracked exhaust manifolds, that were denied the 8 year 80K mile emission warranty, even though the catalytic converters are attached to the exhaust manifolds, would be reimbursed.

This affects those Titans that were past their powertrain 5 year 60K mile warranty, but should have been covered under the emissions warranty, but some dealers were not covering this.

Those covered by the powertrain warranty still, also should have been covered. [Mine was covered by the 100K mile Gold preferred extended warranty at 93K miles].

This could mean several hundred dollars to some of you that had previously been burned by a dealer.

Details at: 1-800-867-7669

[There's a .pdf claim form at the site].

Manifold Catalyst Program Details


Dear Nissan Titan or Armada Owner:

Nissan is committed to providing the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction. With that in mind, Nissan is contacting you regarding potential confusion over the warranty coverage of the manifold catalyst.

2004-2007 Model Year Titan or Armada vehicles were sold with a Warranty Information Booklet that correctly indicated that the catalytic converters were covered for 8 years / 80K miles, whichever occurred first. However, these vehicles are equipped with a one-piece manifold catalyst in which the exhaust manifold (typically covered under a 5 year / 60k mile powertrain warranty) and the front catalyst are one part. In the event that repairs were made to your vehicle involving warrantable defects in materials or workmanship in the manifold catalyst, there is the possibility that any such warranty claim could have been coded incorrectly, leading to manifold repairs being covered only during the 5 year / 60K mile powertrain warranty instead of the 8 year / 80K mile emission warranty.

If you have previously paid to have your manifold catalyst replaced prior to the emission warranty coverage expiration, you may be eligible for reimbursement of the related expense.

Complete information and instructions including a reimbursement request form is available at You may also contact Nissan via a dedicated toll free number at 1- 800-867-7669.

The mailing address for this campaign is as follows:

National Consumer Affairs Department,

Nissan North America, Inc.,

P.O. Box 677

Amherst, Ohio 44001

Thank you for your cooperation. We are indeed sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


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Just received one as well, Feb 16.

For anyone wondering, this is for Canadian owners too.