Lupient Nissan - Rochester, MN


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First off - this website has been extremely helpful for me. All of the great ideas and maintenance tips are second to none - thanks folks.

Second - I usually don't post comments but I feel my dealer deserves some credit. Lupient Nissan of Rochester, MN has been a great dealership. They treat customers with respect and charge reasonable labor rates. I have always been given honest feedback and service. Granted, I only had my Titan serviced for the bigger repairs that I don't have the time to do myself.

Yes, I have had the exhaust manifold cracks and the rear axle seal blown...but each time the repair work was done with the blue-collar man in mind. I never had the scare tactics that I have read about from other members. No tricks - just the plain, honest truth with great service.

I would recommend them to anyone.


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Berner, welcome to TitanSpot. We're glad you stopped by. 'Tis good to hear that you have a good local Nissan dealer that is reasonably priced to service your Titan.