IPDM-ER Failure/Replacement 04-06 Titans


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Hey There

04 Armada not starting.  Turn the key and starter not kickin over. There are clicks and we have all power. Been happening more and more over the last few months, now She won't start the majority of the time. If i turn the key on /off multiple times quickly, she will turn over about 1 in 20.. When she starts she does so with vigor and she runs great.   Haven take i it to dealer yet. Will do so i f i can get any help here.  I did the IPDM home test and everything worked, BUT not in the order mentioned in the earlier post ( i think #33).  


Can the starter be bad? or is it the IPDM?   How do I do the relay swap to test it?




I replaced my ipdm years ago. Your symptoms are the exact same symptoms I had last year. I dealt with the inconsistent start for a few weeks. I finally replaced my starter. It took my about 5 hours. I could probably do it in 2 1/2 now. OEM starter cost me $325. I didn't want to go cheap knowing the labor involved in putting a starter in.


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So it seems its the starter.. i did the relay swap and it did not engage the starter..  What's  the dealer charge to do something like this?


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I have an 06 Titan with 125K miles.  A couple weeks ago I was driving and stopped at a light and the truck died.  It started back up and drove maybe a mile and died again.  I tried to start it again and it started but was running really rough and the accelerator would not respond.  I turned it off and then I tried to start it a few minutes later and it fired right up and drove just fine.  It sat for about an hour and went to start it and would fire on but ran rough and accelerator would not respond again.  I unhooked the battery for a few minutes and it ran just fine for about a week.  A week later, same problem.  I unhooked the battery and it started just fine.  Then a few days later it did it again, I unhooked the battery and it still would not start.  I replaced the ECM relay and it fired on just fine.  I am getting the SEL indicating the the cats on both banks are having issues.  I am wondering if my IPDM is bad or what to check next.  Seems odd that both cats would go bad at the same time.  Any ideas?


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[attachment=9930]Hey guys,

I was using a charger over night on my battery because its getting really cold out but when I went to drive the truck, it cranks over but wont stay running.  I did the auto active test for the IPDM-ER and the horn honked, wipers, head lights and blowers turned on. I ordered a couple of the ECM relays and will be preforming the swap in the morning while the relay gets here. The truck has been running great with just the regular scheduled maintenance so I hope that solves my problem but if not I wanted to get some advice as to what I can test or do in the mean time. Thanks for all your help