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Well trying to do a favor for work today, and decided to go out and pick up 4 - 55 gallon drums of DTE Extra Heavy Bearing & Circulating oil. Man it was heavy. A lot heavier than I thought it would be. I think that I reached the payload capacity.



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It doesn't look much too overloaded as your Tityan is not squatting too badly. Let's see, four 55 gallon drum at a weight of about 8 lbs./gallon = 1760 lbs. I don't know the load max but you're probably close or even overloaded.

I hope you have changed out your shackles as they might be failing causing a puncture hole through your bed floor.


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Deaver Mini-Spring Pak would make hauling that tonnage easy......as MC says change the shackles too...and the shackle mounts!