how To: Remove Your Center Console.


Article title: How to: Remove your center console.

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Date added: Jul 15 2005, 08:27 PM

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How to remove the center console:

1. Apply parking brake, shift transmission to neutral, disconnect battery, remove front seats.

2. Remove left and right side lower trim panels at bottom front of console under dash, next to floor. Pull straight out on the piece towards the rear of the truck, then pull the panel towards the rear of the truck. They are held on by plastic clips.

3. Remove two phillips screws under lower trim panels at the front lower side portions of the center console.

4. Unscrew and remove gear shift knob.

5. Open hinged console box lid and pull rubber mat from bottom of center console box & remove three screws (2 phillips & 1 torx).

6. Remove two exposed bolts, one on each side of center console toward the rear.

7. Pull out rubber square just rearward of shift gate assembly & just forward of small open box area. Remove two torx.

8. Pull up on shift gate assembly to unclip.

9. Disconnect wire connectors under shift gate assembly and disengage wire connector plastic holding clips from holes.

10. Pull shift gate assembly up past shift lever and set aside (you can't do this with shifter in park).

11. Remove two phillips screws under shift gate assembly at forward end of console.

12. Pull up on flange of metal spring clip to release shift cable (very little force required).

13. Wipe a little of the excess silicon grease on the bushing for the shift cable yoke and push the yoke sideways off of the bushing, toward the passenger door.

14. Remove 3 or 4 harnesses.

15. Lift rear of console and move rearward being sure to clear lower left corner of glovebox.

15. Remove console from truck to reveal console bracket.

16. Remove obvious bolts to disengage bracket from floor.