How-to: Install Eco Fuel System


Article title: How-To: Install ECO Fuel System

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Category: Engine/Drivetrain

Date added: Mar 3 2006, 12:09 PM

Article starter: baseballfanz

"How to" in case anyone is interested. It took me about 5 minutes including removing and putting back on the engine cover.

Before installing, let the engine cool down and open your gas cap. I waited 3 hours once the engine was shut off.

1- Remove engine cover.

2- Locate the fuel line. The BLUE arrow is the connection you need to remove.

I use a disconnect tool from Hi/Lo, I had to get the whole set for $10 since they didn't have the one I was looking for (which is usaully $3-$4, don't want to spend to much for something you'll only use once or twice)

3- Slide the tool piece in, pull on the fuel line and it's that easy. I had a rag underneath but only about two drops of gas dripped out.

4- Slide the one end of the EFS back in and also connect the other end (both just slide in and lock into place. You can't go wrong as only one side will go into it).

5- Using the supply zip ties I attached it to the AC condensor hose.