Homepage Featured Titan Photos


It's time to revive this old tradition here at TitanSpot... If you have images that you'd like to submit to be entered into the rotation on the homepage, submit them to this gallery: http://www.titanspot.com/Titan/gallery/category/5-homepage-titan-pics/ .


Please remember to follow the rules though, since it makes it so much easier to get the pics up in a timely manner. 

1. Images submitted must be no larger than 550px wide and 425px tall (550x425) and no smaller than 375px wide and 250px tall (375x250).
2. All images must be in JPEG format with an extension of jpg (ie. example.jpg).
3. Put only the TitanSpot username of the truck owner in the caption field.
4. Titans only!

The image will change everytime the homepage is reloaded. You can submit your own Titan image or someone else's Titan and there is no limit on how many submissions you can make. Please do get permission from the owner before submitting another member's Titan photo.

Please don't post your photos to this thread. Feel free to chat here if you want though.



Pics for ttammunek04 and mmendivil3 have been added to the rotation.  


Side note: I will delete the images from the gallery linked above after I add them to the homepage.  This is so that I can better keep up with what has and has not been added.  So, don't worry if the gallery is empty when you add a picture.


Also, if you have old pictures showing up (for instance ttammunek04 already had 2 in the rotation) that you want removed, please let me know in this thread.  I'm not going to assume and remove any of the old pics right now.