Great Service at Champion Nissan in Katy TX


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If any1 lives in Katy or Houston i highly recommend taking your Nissan to Champion Nissan on I-10. I recieved free rental and warranty work on damaged parts that where ruined by the shop that done my lift. I didn't need apply or tempt to give the ASM (Assistant Service Manager) any excuse of any sort, in fact he covered the parts under warranty I still can't believe it...very satisfied with the Service department. Ask for DAvid Riddle if you need service at 281 644 1100 or 281 644 1205 and tell him Tony with the Lifted Titan send ya

Warranty on New Left Axle and brake kit <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/010.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smt017' />

Rental covered

On another note...Do Not take your Truck to Allout Offroad on Murphy. instead of warranty for the installation they simply brush me off when they tore my Axle boot along with striping the outer axle bolts, damage my brakes (squeal like mad), and broke a strut bolt on my Fox Coilovers. Guess this is what i get for trying to support the local shop



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Yep. I work about a mile from All Out Offroad. They used to be U.S Auto...sumthin', sumthin' and were located at the corner of 90 and Murphy (1092) in the Kroger parking lot. They sucked then, also. I have heard plenty of stuff about that place. Sorry about your truck, Desmo. On a lighter note I'm glad (but stunned) to hear that your visit to the service dept. at champion was a good one.