Going To The July 21st Meet In Nj?


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Just wanted to see if there was anyone, besides myself, that was interested in going to the July 21st Titan meet in Southern NJ?

I went last year and it was a blast... we had about 50 Titans in attendance and this year plans on being even bigger! Also, Greg from PRG will be in attendance, as well as Stillen so this should be one heck of an event!

If you're interested in attending, please let me know if you'd be interested in convoying down to NJ.



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I'm trying very hard to make it out there. South Jersey is my home and I know that area all too well..and my beautiful Dodge Ram is sitting out there in storage and the meet + picking up my truck = good reason to go out there at that time and attend a great meet and get my baby!!! Dunno if I drive the titan out there though with gas prices up to 3 a gallon but I may fly if I can make it!!

Titan Critter

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i would consider it, but once again, i have a band event that day and can't go. it's the only saturday (honestly) from april to november that we have something. this is twice this year now i've been screwed out of a titan meet. it's a real bummer, because i'm so up for these things, then they schedule them on dates i can't go. i know it's not on purpose, but the result is the same.