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Start by removing the lower panel on the driver side and the instrument panel cover.


* indicate applied to US Speedo only

^ indicate applied to Speedhut only

Take the instrument cluster inside to your work station.

* With the US Speedo overlay it come with a needles removal tool and a sheet to mark needles position.

^ The Speedhut does not have those items (you will need to jot down or mark your needles position somehow, if you have a digital camera take a shot of it before you remove any needles, use that later on to install needles.).

Now separate the cover from the gauge by unlocking 6 tabs around it.

Now remove all the needles and set them aside.

* With the US Speedo, you just remove the OEM overlay and replaced with the new overlay.

^ With the Speedhut, the new overlay goes on top of the OEM overlay, use supplied double sided tape to keep it in place.

Position tape around near the edge. If you put the tape near the middle the needles might not work properly.

^ Speedhut on OEM overlay.

Now do not I repeat do not reinstall the needles yet.

Take the cluster to the truck, turn the ign to ON, plug it in and let the cluster reset itself.

Once it reset itself you can reinstall the needles, do not push on them too hard.

Replace the cluster cover/lens. Plug it back to the truck to double check everything is OK and all needles is in the correct positions. You can even do a diagnostic test (I'll post that later).

* If you're doing the US Speedo you are basically done, reinstall everything in reverse order you took it apart.

^ If you're doing the Speedhut you need to hook up the inverter.

There is a few wires connected to the inverter.

Red is power (to parking light source), you can tap it where the dimmer switch or cargo light switch. Red/blue stripe.

Black is ground, just ground it like any other ground wire.

One wire is connected to the gauge itself and the last is the controller, mount that in your desire location.

Power wire tapped to parking light wire

Inverter controller

Double check to see that gauge turn on when you turn parking light on, if yes than put everything back together in reverse order.

Enjoy. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/003.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smt003' />

Few pictures

OEM, US Speedo, and Speedhut (top to bottom)

Day - Speedhut

Night - Speedhut

Day - US Speedo

Night - US Speedo

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