First Look: 2016 Nissan Titan




Finally our first look at the 2016 Nissan Titan.


From MotorTrend: If you're Nissan, trying to widen your sliver of the pickup-truck sales pie, you look for an underserved niche. In their search for such white space, the company's market sleuths discovered that each year about 75,000 customers step up from light-duty pickups to heavy duties and that another 75,000 migrate the other way. These 150,000 ditherers, Nissan reckons, just might be happier with an in-between option. So it's offering them the Titan XD, which makes its debut in Detroit and goes on sale in late 2015. Think of it as a Ford F-200 or GM/Ram 2000.

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Saw one in pperson last Thursday. It's a BIG truck. Even though there are many Furd resemblances, I like it!


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I know this post is old, but look what I have for the weekend!!!

Wish I had something to pull.

Not sure when they will hit the dealers, but it should be soon, if not already.