Exhaust leak sound only while driving?


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I am about to buy a 2005 Nissan Titan XE with 168,195 miles. Its exactly what Im looking for and the price is right. But when I test drove it I noticed a ticking sound on the driver side under the hood. I stopped, popped the hood and revved the engine, but I cant hear it when its in park. It only happens when your driving it and putting some torque on the engine. I really dont believe its and engine or tranny sound. But, if it was an exhaust leak, wouldnt you be able to hear it all the time and not just when your in drive?


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Exhaust manifold leak due to a manifold crack is a known problem with early Titans so your concern is warranted.  If you are buying from a dealer I would insist they make the repair or if it a private seller, I would reduce the selling price by $2K.  The exhaust manifold leak is a common problem with Titans, especially pre-2008 Titans.


Pleae let us know your outcome.


If you do buy it I recommend replacing the manifolds with JBA headers. Anything but OEM. I went through 2 sets of oem manifolds. At 106k miles I had headers installed.


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I concur with everything above. I had mine repaired under warranty but if they break again I will go with headers. The manifolds are a weak spot on this truck and even the "newer" version of them isn't so great - better than the originals, but nothing to write home about.


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My 05 did the same thing while at a specific RPM range...so yes a load will bring the rattle sound..something is broken inside the exhaust manifold and starts the ping/rattle noise. Driver side is an easy change...passenger side is not.


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I live in commiefornia my truck just threw a Po420 code. I'm thinking of going with some jba headers,any suggestions on cats that are carb compliant?

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