Drink Cup Holder Led Lighting


Article title: Drink cup holder LED lighting

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Date added: Aug 21 2005, 06:37 PM

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Got tired of having to look for the drink cup holders at night. The little light in the overhead helps but, not enough. I used the link below to learn how to wire and tied into the wiring for the lights in the shift selector. Plan on replacing the white with some amber ones. Still trying to find some amber LEDs locally no luck thus far, may have to order them. I used 5mm LEDs wired in parallel. used the snap in LED mounts in the plastic and console and used a gasket cutter to make the round holes in the rubber liner. Had to drill across both sides of the rear most cup holder to gain access to make the rear hole in the front cup holder. Really helps in the morning with that cup of java.

Bought resistors and LEDs at Radio Shack