cannot fuel truck


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Hey everyone, new member first time poster I got my dads 06 titan when he passed away and have been plagued with many problems. key dont work in locks, blower resister broke, muffler rusted off. anyway truck has only 85k on it and when we went to florida to gather some of his stuff we couldnt fill the tank up at all without holding the nozzle open 1/4 way any more and it just clicked off its a real pita. no check engine light but havent filled the truck up in over a year because of this. What can cause this? Blocked vent line something stuck in the filler neck? Any help would be great my first born is coming and I'd like to fix it up becaus3 my other cars a coupe .


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The vent is clogged or pinched somewhere. The nozzle thinks the tank is full because the tank isn't breathing correctly.


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I have an 04 that does this sometimes but not always. Ill get blow back unless I throttle the nozzle. It seems like once I get more than 1/4 in the tank then I can open up the nozzle fully. I've heard that there is a canister under the back somewhere that may not be venting correctly.