Booster Cable Kit Installed


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That's a cool setup. How about an under the hood picture showing how it's connected? Thanks Misery!


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wow 75 pop the hood and save the does look awesome misery though...i guess since you use it so often it'll work out great for you.


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Now that's a good "utility" mod there! Nissan made this thing as a workin man's truck, and they could market this. Especially on heavy duty Titans.


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[quote name='drivinginthemedian']I want one that is in the rear bumper so when you are jumping someone on the side of the highway you dont have to turn around.[/quote]

thats why the cables are 30 feet long on this kit lol, you wont have to turn around lol


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[quote name='Misery-Tom']huh?[/quote]

Someone was spamming the board with random post garbage, so havok banninated him.