Big tow mirror swap by DC


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So DD in his thread aldready did a great job listing necessary materials and tools. I bought a torx screw driver but ended up putting a drill bit with the torx head in a 1/4" socket and used the wrench to tighten the bolts to get them on there tighter then I could with the screwdriver. I did however get them too tight and broke the torx head off in the bolt but I did end up getting them all on. The first set of mirrors I bought without memory which were wrong for my truck did not have the torx bolts or the mounting plate I would say that for the larger mirrors that this is a better mounting setup. I did this in the snow and 16 degree temperatures. Probably not the best idea but after my previous issues with the mirrors I wanted to do this mod asap. I could never figure out how to get the housings for the window buttons and the mirror buttons out of the door so I never actually removed the driverside door. I would recommend removing the driver side door if you can it makes it easier. I really like the new mirrors. I am slowly figuring out where I want the small blind pot mirror to sit. I also put the driver side door back on without reconnecting the lock cable and the door handle cable that was mistake I had to make a phone call to get out of the truck. I also pissed off my neighbors by using two parking spots for this mod but they will get over it lol.

Are all tow mirrors put on with the torx bolts and mounting plate? Cause the mirrors I bought off of ebay had the same mounting hardware ( nuts attached to bolts that are part of the mirror assembly) as the non-big tow mirrors. Which in my opinion did not seem strong enough.

first one done

inside of passenger side door with out the plastic cover

Both mirrors on

connector for a memory mirror notice how it has twice as many or more wires than the regular mirror connector.