2015 Titan SE Crew Cab seat covers


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I have a complete set of original, brand new seat covers for a Crew Cab Titan SE.  Within a week or so of buying my new 2015 truck from the dealership, I had a leather interior installed.  I bought the 2015 truck in early 2016, so the seat covers have been in a box here at my house now for over a year.  They are in perfectly new condition (as removed).  I could probably sell them part by part over a long period of time on eBay or something for more money, but I really just want to get SOME money for them now and get them out of my house (big box).  I once had to buy a new OEM drivers seat bottom cover off eBay for my 2004 Titan and it costs me nearly $200 bucks just for the one cover.  I can tell you from my experience in replacing my driver's seat bottom cushion (on the 2004 model),,, these seat covers were designed to be removable.  There's built-in clips and zippers to make the job easier.  If I recall, I swapped out the bottom cover in about an hour, including removal of the seat from the truck.  I don't think there's ANY differences between the 2004 models thru 2015 model seats, except for maybe the headrest .  These OEM covers are the dark graphite (nearly black) color.  I'll let the entire set go for $295.00 + shipping costs.  This includes the covers for the complete front and back seats as well as the two front seat arm rest.  I've attached a few photos below to show color and condition.