2014 TitanSpot/FrontySpot Fantasy Football League


TitanSpot/FrontySpot Fantasy Football

It's that time of year again! It's time to start gearing up...​


Link to sign up:

Once again, we'll be running a combined league for both TitanSpot and FrontySpot members. We have room for up to 20 teams, so if you want to play, go ahead and sign up or invite a friend by giving them the link above!

Please, please, only sign up if you intend to play the entire season!


The draft is currently scheduled for Mon Aug 25 6:00pm CDT (5 P.M. eastern, 7 P.M. Mountain, 8 P.M. Pacific)​


Don't miss out!​


After you're signed up, you can access our league directly at:​